Getting to know SOHO

The Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) mission is a joint ESA/NASA mission that studies the Sun. Like Earth, SOHO follows an orbit around the Sun, studying its interior, surface, atmosphere and solar wind. SOHO sends continuous images of its observations back to Earth which scientists can use study to understand the nature of the Sun and predict how its activity will affect Earth and its environment.

In this activity, students are introduced to the ESA/NASA joint mission, SOHO and the instruments on board it.

They will look into SOHO’s orbit and its position in the Solar System relative to the Sun and Earth. They perform mathematical calculations and apply scientific concepts within their curriculum to this real-life context. Students are able to develop their understanding of concepts such as speed and distance calculations and gravitational potential energy.

Age Range:
Prep. Time: 0
Lesson Time: 1 hour
Cost per activity: Low (print costs)
Includes the use of: Worksheets

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