The Faulkes Telescope Project, UK

The Faulkes Telescope Project (FTP) is an educational programme that provides access to a variety of telescopes located at observatories around the world, part of the Las Cumbres Observatory global network.

Through FT, users can obtain images from 2-metre, 1-metre or 0.4-metre telescopes, and collaborate with professional and amateur astronomers to help them obtain data for their research work.

As part of OO, we provide access to these telescopes, and produce educational materials to support the various topics that the project covers, ranging from studies of the Moon and objects in the Solar System, to clusters of galaxies and cosmology.

FT is based at Cardiff University and Swansea University in Wales, UK. You can find out more about the project (and register for an account, if you are an educational user) here:

Picture of the 2 metre FT South facility at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia
Image: The 2-metre FT South facility at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia – the ‘clamshell’ structure houses the 2m FTS and two 0.4m telescopes, whilst the smaller domes nearby each contain a 1m telescope. All of these can be operated remotely or robotically, as part of the LCO network.
(The larger dome to the left of the image is the UK Schmidt Telescope)

Below are some examples of images obtained with facilities accessed through FT. These telescopes (2m, 1m and 0.4m in diameter) are owned and operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.

  • Left: Star formation region M16 (Eagle Nebula), imaged by the 2m FT North telescope, operated by Las Cumbres Observatory. Image processed by Gain Lee.
  • Centre: Edge on spiral galaxy NGC 891, imaged by FT North. Image processed by Pete Williamson.
  • Right: Star formation region NGC 3372, imaged by a 0.4m telescope in the LCO global network. Image processed by Pete Williamson.