Brorfelde observatory, Denmark

At the top of the Zealand Alps and overlooking Lammefjorden, thrones Denmark’s largest observatory, Brorfelde Observatory.

Brorfelde Observatory was in the period 1953-1996 a vibrant workplace for astronomers, students, artisans and other staff. They burned all so much for an occupation that they stood here night after night, driven by curiosity and quest for knowledge of the heavens. 

As the technology was digitized, it became world famous telescope construction on Brorfelde less necessary, and the place closed in 1996.

In 2016 – 20 years later – the doors are now open again, and a new discovery center focusing on astronomy, geology, engineering and biology, each day explored by schoolchildren, companies, associations, families and many others.

We offer schooling in every day and is open to all curious souls every weekend, where you can hear the Center’s magnificent past and exciting development.

Moreover, we hold science events – keep checking our calendar  here  on the website or on facebook.