The Online Observatory project offers educational activities for schools and students of all ages.

The project is run by a consortium of astronomers from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Latvia and the UK, and is funded by an EU Erasmus+ grant.

Through OO, users can access a variety of educational classroom resources, free software, data archives and even make use of robotic and remotely controlled telescopes located around the world.

OO will help bring the universe into your classroom!

The Veil Nebula (NGC6992), the remains of massive star that exploded as a supernova, and created new chemistry, scattering it into the universe. It is ~1,500 light years away, in the constellation Cygnus. Image taken with FT North, operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.

Virtual tours

We give virtual tours of five European historical observatories. Whether you are planning to visit any of our observatories, or just curious to how they look –  enjoy! 

The first guided tours are still under development…


Exoplanet databases

There are many online data archives about exoplanets, so here we have gathered together some of the better ones. Most of these will provide you with up-to-date information on the current status of exoplanet discoveries, including new results from the NASA TESS mission. NASA Exoplanet Archive: This is a very up-to-date and comprehensive data archive …

Learning about colours in astro photography

In astrophotography, colours are treated in different ways – telescopes generally do not take colour pictures, but use special filters to capture light in particular parts of the optical spectrum (e.g. red light only). This interactive app from the Faulkes Telescope project will show you how colour images are made using different filters, combining them …

Who are we?

We are a collaboration of five European observatories with key interests in making astronomy accessible for young students. Our project was started in 2018 and is funded by the European Union through an Erasmus+ grant.