Visit the observatories

Several of our historical observatories are open for the public. Contact us to find an occastion where you can experience how astronomers did their research in a real-life scientific telescope.

You can also visit the observatory virtually with our online virtual tours. Whether you are planning to visit any of our observatories, or just curious to how they look –  enjoy! 

The first guided tours are still under development…


Spot an asteroid

Asteroids are small objects that zoom around the Solar System. See if you can find the asteroid in the photos in this assignment! Pluto was discovered using this same method. This material is also available in: Keywords: asteroid, photos, blinking

Crater stories

Find out what happened when asteroids hit Finland, Norway, Latvia, Greenland and the UK. You can also study the effects of your own asteroid impact with the Down2Earth impact calculator! This material is also available in: Keywords: crater, asteroid, small solar system bodies

Who are we?

We are a collaboration of five European observatories with key interests in making astronomy accessible for young students. Our project was started in 2018 and is funded by the European Union through an Erasmus+ grant.