Visit the observatories

Several of our historical observatories are open for the public. Contact us to find an occastion where you can experience how astronomers did their research in a real-life scientific telescope.

You can also visit the observatory virtually with our online virtual tours. Whether you are planning to visit any of our observatories, or just curious to how they look –  enjoy! 

The first guided tours are still under development…


Surviving on Mars

Barren, cold and uninhabitable – will mankind be able to make a home out of the Red Planet? Age Range: 15 years +Prep. Time: 0 minsLesson Time: N/ACost per activity: N/AIncludes the use of: PDF Reader or colour printing Author: Gemma Lavender This 9-page feature from All About Space magazine investigates the fate befallen the unfortunate astronaut in Ridley Scott’s …

Moon Flip-book

In this exercise we will observe the phases of the Moon over time or using Stellarium. Afterwards we draw each phase in to a series of cards, which we use to make our very own moon-book, which you can flip through to remind and entertain you. Age Range: all ages, younger children will need help with …

Who are we?

We are a collaboration of five European observatories with key interests in making astronomy accessible for young students. Our project was started in 2018 and is funded by the European Union through an Erasmus+ grant.